Sunday, July 15, 2012

Venezuela Bank HACKED #LulzSecReborn #AntiSec

Greetings world, we are LulzSec
After a long search we found many targets vulnerable to sql injection a simple,
In this case it is a bank in Venezuela.

We will let the admin table with all your data and then we will leave the link to enter the bank.

nombre        apellido         cargo                 email                       pass
Maria Victoria  Cetina    DiseƱador Gr�fico    c941d09fd43dea6f08060805e0d5f47b
Proveedor       Externo                3d2aad98130afaf82cedc1b9610ad42f
Seguridad       de Datos                      8816314202d8fd95c8d2a91d829c12fb
Sinai   Farias       Dise�ador Grafico          88ba834d7f66cb444bd637d5760250d1
tecnologia      intranet                  44505f892b1d9b3ef277f3814eaf2355
yamileth        villegas  analista            08008ec9dad96124cb83f8b4d16a213d


We have another bank information from around the world!