Friday, September 14, 2012

Releases creditcard details of 13 FBI agents in retaliation for the arrest of BarrettBrown!

We didn't plan this #FFF. It just happened....


Lulz. Barrett Brown, our controversial hated/loved friend
(doesnt matter what kind of shits he does, he's still one of us)
seems to have been v&'d...again. XD
(you can look forward and find that splendid video of him being raided at mashable or youtube.)

hhahahaha. then try to come and convince us that FBI is not mad as hell at us.

remember there's always another behind behind the behind.
if u dont want to trust us, it's ok, you shouldn't.
but dont be dumb and at least to not realise something here is kinda fishy currently.
(tip: prepare yourself to hear anonymous is linked to al-qaeda or something).
so well, we think Barrett deserves at least we bring some kind of retaliation
for this FBI shit against him.

so here we go:
(switching to presumedly fake serious voice)

hi guise. Welcome to another polemical, dirty, contradictory and lulzy release
in the name of the pure visceral hate, revenge and lulz.
This one will be reeeaally easy and quick, since we decided to avoid commenting
on the specs and sources of hacks, cause well, it's frustrating and, clearly now, it looks like
a waste of time. people seem to go to hate us anyway doesnt matter what our intentions are.
so guise, we are happy to save all those words on all kind of details we don't
like to talk about anyway.
so now, we can just focus onto the data.

we have learnt from the events over the last days, that our lives were easier before
when we just followed the tips from the FBI. but well, Sabu is not anymore in the team since feds blowed his cover,
so then, because he is using currently another nick, we couldn't find him again.
well we didn't try so hard anyway (but we trust FBI tactics to force some snitch on his place),
so we tried to get some other FBI informant to help writing this out.
so here's our official short PR carrying the platinum seal of approval of FBI:

"We are bad, period.
we are criminals, period.
we are releasing this to provoke havoc and destruction to social established order and to make babies cry, period.
we should be killed for the goodness of our society, period.
if our dear Edgar Hoover were here, he would kill us himself after torturing us, we deserve it and
we are grateful for his great legacy, period.
Vote for Romney, period.
argh argh, period."

so that was all.
cool, isnt it?
fbi tipped us this time to do something really really lulzy but well.. kinda ILLEGAL.
*kayla phones the police*
It will supposedly help to bring new laws to spy on us, but they also said this help it's indeed optional
those laws were planned independently of what we do, since long time. but it's also pre-election
times and this could be helpful anyway or something like that. we are just improvising this shit.
whatever. the thing is it should help lot
of people linked to govt and corporations to make business and that helps economy, so it's good.

so now we understand our little role in this world.
we are just trash, the worst of this proud and clean society.
but for once we can be useful.
we have to be jailed for life to help our dear govts
to make business and to have full control on all of us for our own security.
just in case some trash, like us, try to question how things work.

why didnt u say that since beginning?
gods sake...we could have saved lot of time and pain.

disclaimer: we know sarcasm probably will never work on the irc or internet in general.